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Rhein travel company will provide you with the best Iran hotels based on travelers’ feedback, conformity of hotel services to global standards, and the most reasonable hotel booking rates in Iran. Thus, you will have a different and memorable experience by choosing every one of them.

As a reliable travel company, we will ensure that your hotel will be booked upon your request on time, and as per of your specific instructions.

The places you stay at will have a direct influence on your satisfaction level during your travel to any country. After making ticket reservation to a destination, passengers face the next most time-consuming matter which is a hotel reservation. If you also have this problem, you are at the best possible place for this subject.

One of the most important thing that make a trip more pleasant is finding a nice place you accommodate. Budget, affordable or luxury, that’s not the question. Traveling as a backpacker, a family or a group, you will always find your desired hotel from simple on budget hotels, and cozy traditional houses to luxurious large international ones. Hospitality standards of Iran’s hotels are a little bit different from international hotels, but you will definitely have a relaxing and convenient accommodation there. So do not hesitate to visit Iran!

There’s a variety of accommodations for you to choose for your stay in Iran and you can choose the one that fits your expectations the best. There are modern 2-5 star hotels, traditional boutique hotels, guesthouses, hostels, caravanserais, eco camps and eco-lodges.



Iran’s hotels are like anywhere else in the world divided to one, two, three, four, and five star hotels. Each of these categories includes varying services and facilities and thus has different fees.

With luxury hotels available all over Iran, it’s not difficult to find yourself a top-notch suite in no-time. A simple search on the Internet will lead you straight to the latest blog posts and lists with the fanciest, luxurious and glamorous hotels in Iran. Book your room directly through the official website or use the booking options through travel agencies including Rhein Travel Company.

In addition, hotel-museums, hotel-caravanserais, and hotel-gardens fall into this category which are, of course, quite expensive. In all the cities of Iran, big or small, there are examples of such resorts with varying degrees in their quality. Such resorts often give their guests free internet service. When they are four or five star resorts, they provide other services for their guests such as free transference from the airport to the hotel and/or from there to the main attractions of the city.



Iran is a country that is blessed with diverse cultures, historical wonders and beautiful natural scenery. It's a unique place to travel that has yet to be spoilt by an influx of tourists. To experience the authentic side of Iran and get to know the intricacies of its different cultures, stay at a guest house. Motels or guest houses are another kind of residence that would cost less and, in proportion to their fee, offer more limited comfort facilities to their guests. Moreover, hotel-apartments fall into the same category. In these residential facilities, there is also the possibility of cooking. For this reason, it seems to be a good option for those who want to travel on a tighter budget given the fact that restaurants usually make the trip experience more costly.

Guesthouse is an authentic way to experience Iran's culture and natural beauty by staying with locals, supporting their businesses and learning about their customs.



Hostel is an excellent place to meet fellow adventurous souls. Different from what some people expect; there are hostels in Iran, some even with mixed dormitories. However, as tourism increases, more hostels are expected to open. If you travel on a budget, you’ll most likely end up staying in a Mosaferkhaneh, the backpacker hostel.


Iran Traditional Boutique Hotels

If you are looking for a different accommodation in Iran, we suggest you to stay at one of the traditional boutique hotels. The beautiful houses that have been rejuvenated and transformed into hotels with Persian architecture and traditional decoration which resemble the history of art and culture of the Persian nation. These hotels have preserved their traditional architectural styles and have become so popular among the tourists who seek distinctive destinations and are eager to see where the real magic happened. These places have typically a nice azure blue pond in the center of the yard with small red fish surrounded by beautiful flowers and trees. You can experience staying at these traditional boutique hotels in the main cities of Iran such as Isfahan, Kashan, Yazd, and Shiraz. These traditional houses are the main targets for tourists.



Caravanserais located on the course of the silk road provided accommodation, security, food and amenities for travelers, and their animals (usually camels). Merchants could stay at caravanserais, rest, refresh themselves and even trade with each other in a secure and relaxing environment. Remains of these early hotels and resting places are scattered along the roads and in the cities of Iran. Many caravanserais in Iran are considered to be both artistic and architectural masterpieces of their age. The first caravanserais in Iran were built when the Achaemenid Empire ruled Persia. Along with the development of road systems and the increase in the number of travelers and merchants during this time, these old roadside inns increased and flourished along the trade routes of the old Silk Road. Shah Abbas I is credited with building a network of caravanserai across Iran during the much later Safavid dynasty. Today caravanserais have largely lost their old usage and popularity as places to stay on the road and are considered more for their historical and architectural aspects rather than for any practical purposes. However, some caravanserais have been restored and turned into interesting, modern hotels such as the Shah Abbas caravanserai in Isfahan.

If you wish to experience spending a night in a caravanserai, you must keep in mind that the rooms named Hojreh or chamber will be offered to you. You should not expect to receive the same services that hotels provide for their guests. The whole philosophy of staying in a caravanserai is based on the notion that you become familiar with the oldest and most traditional aspects of having a residential place in Iran. Everything is held as simple and as traditional as possible. Staying in a caravanserai is one of the most thrilling experiences anyone could have in a lifetime. Also you will experience travelling on horse or camel and by staring at the velvet sky above your head and the milky way, you will feel like one of those ancient merchants in course of their trade journeys. The most popular and well-known caravanserai open to residency, in Iran is Zein-o-din in Yazd province.


Eco Camps

In order to attract more tourists in Iran, the government started developing eco-villages, with all conditions to help tourists become closer to nature. In addition, the settlements present the life and traditions of the people so that the tourist will get acquainted with the local customs. Matin Abad Eco Camp in Isfahan was one of the first of its kind in the country. 



Blessed with diverse cultures and climates, Iran is a unique place where travelers get to experience lifestyles unlike any other, mingle with the locals and enjoy unspoiled natural landscapes. From captivating deserts to towering mountains and verdant forests, Iran has it all: the perfect destination for those seeking a truly authentic experience, even on a budget.

To take full advantage of what Iran has to offer, you’re encouraged to stay at an Eco-Lodge. The Eco lodges are constructed with the use of the local materials found in the region and try to have the highest possible degree of harmony and congruity with their natural environment. Eco-lodges are great for sustainable tourism. Besides that; sleeping traditional-style on thick mats on the floor gives a lot of insight in the traditional way of living. Add the locally hand-made decorations such as carpets and wall-art and you’ve found yourself a unique and truly mesmerizing home away from home. These remote yet well-equipped accommodations are located in pristine natural environments, allowing their guests to experience indigenous cultures, taste traditional dishes and tour untouched landscapes.



.  During the high season the best hotels are booked from months in advance. Due to the limited number of rooms, be sure to check and book as soon as your schedule is decided.

.  Check-in time is at 14:00 and check-out time is at 12:00 at noon.

.  In most of the hotels in Iran there are primary services such as sandals, towels, shampoo, soaps and hair dryers inside the rooms. If there is a need for a special kind of service, please inform us beforehand.


If you want to book a room for your trip to Iran just fill out this form and let us know where you want to stay.

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