Hospitality and diversity shines here

Stay With Locals in Iran


Rhein travel company will arrange homestay accommodation for tourists in no time.

 To experience the authentic side of Iran and get to know the intricacies of its different cultures, taste traditional dishes and meet the locals, stay at a local house.

Iran is a country that is blessed with diverse cultures, historical wonders and beautiful natural scenery. It's a unique place to travel that has yet to be spoilt by an influx of tourists. 

In a local house, the relationship between the tourists and the owners is defined on the basis of host-guest norms. In other words, your hosts will try their best to make sure you have a great time in their house. By residing in such houses, you will be able to appreciate an aspect of the hospitable culture of the Iranians and enjoy their intimacy and guest-adoring attitude.

Iranian Hospitality Is Remarkable

Hospitality is a core value for Iranians. It doesn’t matter if you are passing by a distant village in Bushehr or you’re walking out of a modern art gallery in Tehran, Iranians will show their hospitality if they feel you need help; even if you don’t ask for it. Many foreign visitors have repeatedly shown their surprise at the super-kind attitude of Iranians towards the tourists.

Imagine being offered accommodations with a local you’ve just met. Or being invited to a stranger’s wedding only to be treated as the VIP. That’s Iranian hospitality, a centuries-old tradition that has only intensified in recent years. It’s even reflected in the Persian language with phrases like ghadamet ru cheshm, literally “your footstep on my eye”. You are such an honored guest that you may step on my eye as you make your entrance – that’s how welcome you are! It’s truly inspiring.


Iranians Are Generous

We’re all familiar with the expression ‘what’s mine is yours’, but dial it up a few notches, and that’s the level Iranians are at. They’ll give you the very best of what they have even if it means that they are left with nearly nothing. What’s even more heartwarming is that they don’t expect anything in return. And when it comes to paying, there’s always an argument as to who will pay the bill. If you’re a foreign tourist, good luck winning that battle.


Iranians Have Family-Oriented Culture
Iran has an extremely family-oriented culture. Children stay at home until marriage, and even then, many extended families will live in the same apartment building on separate floors. Weekends are reserved for family time, and “alone time” is a foreign concept. This outpouring of love extends beyond kin, though, as anyone who has befriended or dated an Iranian will tell you, whether you’re just passing through or here to stay, they quickly take you in as one of their own.


Iranians Are Friendly
And it’s not just with foreigners. Iranians will strike up a conversation with the neighboring person while standing in line at the bakery, waiting in an office, sitting in a taxi, and virtually any other scenario you can think of. Not only that, conversations tend to get pretty personal pretty quickly. But Iranians don’t mind, and besides, you might just end up finding your next best friend.


Iran Locals Will Take You under Their Wing
Iranians have the need to make anyone, from close friends to total strangers, feel comfortable. When a person is traveling to another city, one of their friends will inevitably have a relative or acquaintance there who will be entrusted with the duty of taking care of said person. This rings even more true when it comes to foreigners, particularly solo travelers and even more so for females. As long as you are visiting their city, Iranians feel a sense of responsibility for your wellbeing, and it’s not uncommon for families to “adopt” you during your stay.


Diversity Shines Here
If you visit all four corners of Iran, you’re bound to reconsider who you thought Iranians were. The majority are ethnically Persian, Persian is the official language, and Islam the official religion, but you’ll soon discover a multitude of other ethnicities, languages, and religions, each with its own unique traditions and culture, that co-exist. Perhaps greatest of all is that no matter their background, when all is said and done, the people are fiercely united in support of their home country.


Rhein travel company will arrange homestay accommodation for tourists in no time. Thus, if you want to spend time with Iran locals and get acquainted with the culture and lifestyle of the Iranians, contact us or fill out this form.



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