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Once you decide to travel to Iran with an Iran Tourim company, you may need to travel between Iran cities using domestic flights. Highly trafficked cities like Mashhad, Isfahan, Shiraz, Tabriz, and Tehran are connected to each other with several flights per day.

It is pretty much impossible to book domestic flights outside Iran as there are no English online booking systems available that accept foreign credit cards.

Flights in Iran are fast booked. So your best option to book a flight in advance is to have a local travel company do it for you. Thus, if you are looking for plane tickets to go around Iran, book Iran domestic flights here at Rhein Travel Company. 

If you have a tight schedule or you’re travelling in Iran for less than 10 days with a packed itinerary, then booking a domestic flight for long journeys is a wise option. Domestic flights in Iran aren’t that cheap if you compare them with low-cost European airlines. But if you’re short on time then it can save you a lot of time and energy. It’s recommended to buy tickets at least 2 days in advance and way earlier if you’re travelling during high season. 


How Many Airports Are There in Iran?

Overall, there are more than 300 airports in Iran. Among them, eight airports are international with regular flights to neighboring countries as well as faraway countries. Here is the list of international airports: Imam Khomeini International Airport, Mehrabad International Airport, Mashhad International Airport, Shiraz Shahid Dastghaib International Airport, Tabriz International Airport, Esfahan Shahid Beheshti International Airport, Gheshm Airport, Kish International Airport.

Iranian Airlines

Iran Air: Homa Airline which is an acronym for a persian word combination "Havapeymayi Meli Iran" was founded in February 1961 and with its English equivalent "Iran Air" as the first Iranian airline. In the same year a competition was set up for the brand's logo design in the Keyhan and Etelaat newspaper. And the brand's logo became a design from the head columns in Persepolis, the legendary bird "Homa" and three features of this unique bird: the eagle head, cow ears and a horse's mane (Although, we Know its a face of a falcon on the head and it's not Homa.) Iran Air Became a full member of IATA since 1964. In the early seventies, the airline expanded its fleet and put many of its international flights in their schedule. Towards the end of this decade, Iran Air was the fastest growing airline in the world and one of the most profitable. In the year 1976, Iran Air was ranked second only to Qantas (Australian), as the world's safest airline, having been accident free for at least ten consecutive years. Although both airlines were accident free, Iran Air came second only because of fewer operational hours flown compared to Qantas. Iran Air flight prices depend on many factors like the class of travel, whether it is a Business class or an economy class, destination and the season of travel. Iran Air has many domestic and international sales offices. Free baggage allowances vary depending on the class of travel, but usually it’s from 30-50 kilos.

Mahan Air: The airline was established in 1991 and began operations in 1992 as Iran's first private airline. It joined the IATA in 2001, its name is taken from a city Mahan, which is 35 kilometers from the city of Kerman. And its headquarters is in Tehran. At its operational launch in May 1993, Mahan Air had a fleet comprising two Tupolev 154 aircraft, a staff of 99 and a route network from Tehran to 2 domestic destinations. The real Mahan Air growth was initiated with the addition of Airbus A300 wide-body aircraft to the fleet in 1999 and the Airbus A310 in 2001. This enabled the airline to reach beyond regional destinations it served at that time. Currently, its route network spans 28 destinations in 12 countries and it has a fleet of 11 all Airbus aircraft. It currently holds 13% of all international flights from Iran, and 8% of the domestic market. Most of the Iranian prefer to choose this airline. In Terminal 4 Mehrabad Airport there is Mahan Air Lounge. Mahan Air Lounge is for business class passengers and it has different features like Free Wi-Fi, Children Play area, Selection of snacks and fresh juices and etc. Check-in Deadlines time in Mahan for Domestic flights is 30 Minutes before Departure. If you travel with a large Family or Group and you wish to sit together, refer to check-in Counters before mentioned time, so that the Staff can help you more. Mahan Airline domestic flights has two economic and business class. Air recommend that the maximum weight of any single item of baggage should not be greater than 30 kg. Business class passengers in Domestic and International flights are allowed to carry 7 Kg (one piece) and Economy class passengers on Domestic and International flights up to 5 Kg (one piece).

Qeshm Air: Qeshm Air is one of Iran's private airlines that began operating its flights in 1993 with a leased aircraft and the name Faraz Qeshm Airline. By rental contracts with the owners of Pahnpeykar aircraft in 1996, Qeshm Air developed its activity and established regular flights Tehran-Qeshm routes, Tehran-Dubai and other routes. In 2006 Qeshm Air was ceded to the holding company Toseye Sorinet Qeshm. Qeshm Air is one of the favorite airlines in Iran, because it's young and it has good prices. From Tehran, Qeshm Air has flights to more than 20 cities in Iran. Qeshm air flight prices depend on the class of travel. In Nowroz holidays the prices are different. 

Aseman Air: Aseman Air Services Company formed from the integration of four companies in 1980 such as Air taxi, Pars Air, Air Service and Hooraseman and now, with an emphasis on flying to underserved areas of the country is the largest domestic route network in the cities of Iran. Aseman Since its establishment, has two important indicators of the development of the fleet and the development of technical-operational capabilities. Aseman Airline has achieved important results in this way including the prestigious The aviation world associations such as IATA, the ascending rate of transporting passengers, route network expansion, recruitment and training of specialists, build multiple engineering repair workshops and has received international certificates from accredited Air organizations. For a better coverage of flight network, Aseman Airline has established three Flight Centers in Tehran, Shiraz and Mashhad that each of these three centers has independent hangars and maintenance crews so that along with the recruitment and training of local specialists, the daily flights have sufficient independence.

Caspian Air: Caspian Airline is a private airline established in 1993, it was set up as a joint venture between Iranian and Russian interests. The company's headquarters is located in Tehran and every week, hundreds of domestic and international flights are performed by this airline. It operates services between Tehran and other major cities in Iran and international flights to Armenia, Syria, Turkey, UAE and Ukraine. Its main base is in Mehrabad International Airport, Tehran. Caspian Airline has a Mobile Booking application System called Hamsafar. Caspian Airlines Mobile Booking application helps passengers to buy tickets online, see Caspian flight schedules and reserve ticket. It is in both Persian and English language. It also informs the passengers about the flight delays and flight cancelation by email or text. The Caspian Airlines flight prices depend on the class of travel.

Kish Air: Kish Airline with the goal of developing activities and communicating with provinces and countries of the Persian Gulf, was founded in 1991. Kish Air activity began in June of the same year with two leased aircraft and gradually, with the development, able to expand its fleet. Kish Air is an IATA member company and is the first airline to receive IOSA Iranian air safety standard certification. Because traveling to Kish island is very common, chances of getting cheap tickets is very high. In a certain number of airways, including Tehran-Kish-Tehran and Tehran-Mashhad-Tehran, Kish Airline offers both Economy class and Business Class flights. The maximum cabin luggage is 5 kg. Kish Airline has different domestic flights to Shiraz, Isfahan, Mashhad, Rasht, Tabriz, Yazd, etc.

Iran Airtour: Iran Airtour Airline was established in 1973 by Iran Air with the goal of developing pilgrimage, domestic and foreign charter tourism under the Islamic Republic of Iran. In the beginning, Iran Airtour flights were limited to Tehran-Mashhad route, but within a few years, the company expanded its activities and established other regular flights between Mashhad and other cities of Iran and international services in the Middle East as well as Eastern Europe. Currently the company's main office is located at Mashhad airport Hasheminejad and it holds more than 50 foreign and domestic flights each week. Iran Air tour has won many awards like, 1997 Achievement of European quality and 2007 Achievement of ISO9001-2000 Certificate on quality assurance standards from Germany. The flight prices depend on the class of travel. The weight of the permitted free accompanied baggage for Domestic flights will be 20Kg, for each passenger in ordinary class and for domestic flights.

Naft Air: Naft Airline is the oldest non-military airline, which currently operates under the National Iranian Oil Company the Retirement Organization for Retired Folks of NIOC. The airline was established and started operations in 1992. In 2004 it officially became known as "Iranian Naft Airline". The company's headquarters is in Ahwaz and It operates cargo and passenger charter and scheduled services within Iran and to neighboring regions. Every week about 190 two way flights to Mashhad from Tehran and Ahwaz, Dezful, Tabriz, Bushehr, Tehran, Dubai, Kish, Assaluyeh are held by Naft Airline. Naft airlines flight prices depend on the class of travel.

ATA Air: ATA was launched in Tabriz, Iran in 2010 with the approval of the cabinet, as the sixteenth airline. It operates scheduled domestic services and international services in the Middle East, as well as charter services including Europe. ATA airline began to operate with four aircraft McDonnell Douglas MD-83. ATA Airlines has flights from Tabriz, Tehran, Mashhad, Kish, Shiraz and Urmia. Like other Iran airlines, ATA Airlines flight prices depend on the class of travel. The prices are also different during Nowruz and the free cabin baggage is 5 kg.

Meraj Air: Meraj Air is one of Iran's private airlines that was founded in 2010 with the permission of the Civil Aviation Authority. Important domestic destinations of Meraj airline are such as Mashhad, Shiraz, Esfahan, Kish, and Kermanshah (from Tehran) and foreign destinations are to Turkey, Malaysia, and Kuwait from Tehran and Najaf from Mashhad. Meraj Airline has different travel classes like, First class, business class and economy class. Meraj Airline has domestic flights to different cities of Iran Like, Isfahan, Tabriz, Tehran, Shiraz, Qeshm etc. As an environmental protection, Meraj Airlines has drawn the picture of Iranian Cheetah on its Airplanes since 2014. 

Taban Air: Taban Air is one of the newest private airlines licensed in 2005 by the Civil Aviation received and formally began its flights in 2006. 

Zagros Air: Zagros Airline is an Iranian airline based at Abadan Airport and established in 2006. It started its activity in the country by signing in Arvand Free Zone and with the arrival of two Tupolev aircraft. Today Zagros Airline having 9 civilian aircraft and flights to most airports in the country, contributes to the country's aviation.  

Sepehran Airlines: Sepehran Airline is the newcomer airline in the aviation industry. The company’s headquarters is located in the Shiraz International Airport. The Sepehran Airlines was founded in July 2016 and acquired its first aircraft in April 2015. Currently the company operates services in 8 destinations including: Tehran, Shiraz, Mashhad, Bandar-e Abbas, Asalooye, Qeshm, Kish and Maku and planned to develop it up to 16 destinations.  


System Ticket Vs. Chartered Ticket

Most passenger are familiar with scheduled flights and chartered flights. In Iran, there is a difference in the way these terms are used. In Iran, the term ‘system ticket’ refers to the regular scheduled flight ticket sold by agencies. These tickets are fully refundable according to the cancellation policies of each airline and the selling agency. A Chartered ticket on the other hand, is usually non-refundable. The advantage of chartered tickets is their price which is always cheaper than system tickets.

Charter flights are when all or parts of the seats in a plane of an airline are rented by travel agencies and it is more used in commuter routes. These seats are used in tourism tours and they are sold independently. The cost of filling charter flights is on the renter travel agencies. So if the charter flight is left with the empty seats, their price will become lower to sell the tickets sooner. 


Flight Classes for Iran Domestic Flights

Generally, there are three ticket classes for Iranian domestic flights: economy, first class, and business class. There is also another class, called ‘price class’ which is written with English letters. Knowing what these letters mean is not important unless you need a refund. These letters will be assigned to each ticket based on time of booking, type of cabin, etc. Check out the class section in your ticket to learn more about the regulations related to cancelation and refunding.


Which Items Are Prohibited in Iran Airports?

1.  Firearms including all types of military equipment, flare guns, BB guns, compressed air guns, etc.
2.  Toys looking like real firearms.
3.  Sharp objects including knives, box cutter, razors, swords, sabers,scissors, and similar items.
4.  Flammables including bullets, hand grenades, explosives, TNT, C4, dynamites, butane, fireworks.
5.  Sprays including pepper sprays, poisonous sprays, tear gas spray.

Customs Regulations

1.  All types of antiquated goods, original artworks including calligraphy, miniature, valued stones, unauthorized holy Quran, 35mm films, music instruments associated with the cultural heritage of Iran.
2.  Carpets and rugs with historic records.
3.  Handwoven carpets larger than two square meters.
4.  Taking out carpets, pistachio, nuts, and saffron is prohibited for passengers traveling to Saudi Arabia, Iraq, and

5.  All types of drugs including methamphetamines, marijuana, cocaine, etc. (The carrier will be prosecuted)
6.  Foreign currencies more than the value of 5,000 US dollars and gold coins.
7.  Any type of alcoholic drinks. (The carrier will be prosecuted)
8.  Pets are only allowed when having ID documents, and being carried out in the pets’ special cage. A previous permission should be taken from the airport’s quarantine department.
9.  Press, books and any printed material against religious and national regulations.


Which Airline, Which Terminal?
Domestic flights of Iran Airlines, from Tehran City are arranged in different terminals of the Mehrabad Airport. Bellow, you can find the information:

Terminal 1: Kish air – Zagros
Terminal 2: Iran air – Air tour – ATA – Qeshm Air – Meraj – Naft
Terminal 4: Mahan – Caspian – Aseman – Taban – Sepahan


Air Travel Vs. Road Trip

Choosing to drive or to fly depends largely on your trip, including the route and distance. When planning your trip in Iran, take your time to weigh the pros and cons of flying to decide if you should take to the skies or hit the open road. Flights are great time savers; they can shorten your trips enormously and save you hours and days. Also, air travel is very convenient. You won’t worry about traffic and, most of time, weather condition. Contrary to the common belief, It’s also the safest way to travel. However, this fast and convenient way of travel comes with some drawbacks. First of all, it is usually more expensive than other methods of transportation, especially if you’re traveling in the high-season. Also, for an air travel, there is a number of hassles including airport security measures, more time needed for getting onboard, and delays. Flying will deprive road trip enthusiasts of beautiful land scenery but bring a fantastic sky view of Iran.


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