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If you want to travel by Iran intercity buses and book your bus ticket in advance, contact Rhein Tourism company which provides online reservations for you. 

Intercity buses in Iran are standard and comfortable but they might be slower than other types of transportation, especially for longer distances. Most roads in Iran are safe and there are highways for most popular routes. Intercity buses are available for almost any route possible. Travelling between cities with buses is cheap and usually the preferred option for those travelling on a budget. Intercity buses run very frequently and if you choose the VIP ones they are extremely comfortable and even come with an afternoon snack.

As a rule of thumb, when it comes to Iran's transportation system, keep in mind that in this country, there are buses commuting from the center of each province to that of the others. Some major bus terminals have buses to smaller towns too and not just to the centers of other provinces. However, in each province, there are buses commuting to all of its cities. The rule in general, in Iran, is that if there is no direct ticket available to the destination from a certain departure point, then you will be able to easily travel from any province to its neighboring province.


Standard Vs. VIP Class Buses
Most companies offer two types of buses: Standard and VIP. The main differences between the two are that VIP-class buses have larger and more comfortable seats, offer more amenities, and carry fewer passengers. VIP seats offer better sleeping experience as there is more room for the seats to recline. VIP buses with 25 seats are suitable especially for night trips. Some of these buses are produced with 32 seats but with all the technical conditions of 25 seats buses and they’re being used in transportation system. These buses which provide less space and comfort during sleep are suitable for day trips.

However, Standard buses have 44 seats and usually have air conditioning (cooler) systems. They are only suitable for short distances (less than 6 hours). Seats in standard buses recline slightly, which is unlikely to be comfortable for sleeping.

Iran Bus Terminals
There are usually a few bus terminals in each city and you’d have to know which Terminal has buses to your intended destination. Most bus terminals are located at the edge of town and are easily reached. Bus terminals are filled with the offices of individual bus companies, though timetables are rarely in English. Just ask ‘Shiraz?’, ‘Esfahan?’ or wherever and you’ll be directed to the right desk, or listen for your destination being screamed out when a bus is about to leave. Terminals always have somewhere selling food, and larger terminals might have a police station, left-luggage facility and even a hotel.

Bus Terminals of Tehran: Tehran has four bus Terminals including Terminal Jonoub (South Terminal), Beyhaghi Terminal (Argentine), Terminal Shargh (East Terminal) and Terminal Gharb (West Terminal). These terminals are more or less designated by their names.

1.  Beyhaghi Bus Terminal: At Beyhaghi Bus Terminal, passengers could travel to 55 cities of the country, including Isfahan, Ahvaz, Mashhad, Rasht, Khorramabad, Arak, Hamedan and Tabriz. Beyhaghi Bus Terminal is located on the east side of the Argentine Square.

2.  Tehran West Bus Terminal This terminal is one of the biggest terminals in the country. The most transportations to the west of the country are occurring in this terminal. The terminal is located on the northwest side of the Azadi Square. 

3.  Tehran East Bus Terminal: This terminal is located in Tehran Pars district, on Damavand street.

4.  Tehran South Bus Terminal: This terminal is located in Javadiyeh district, in the south of Tehran. At this terminal, 24 different passenger companies transfer passengers to 160 cities.

In Tehran, you can use public transportation including ‘metro’ and ‘BRT’ to get to these terminals. These are relatively fast and substantially cheap means of transportation in Tehran. In Tehran and some major cities (like Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashhad, Tabriz,...) you can also use domestic online taxi providers like ‘Snapp’, ‘Tap30’, etc. (which work like Uber) The services are usually very reasonable and you can choose your destination on map without facing the troubles of getting to your address. There are also taxi stations near bus terminals where you can instantly take a ride to your destination. Before taking a ride, don’t forget to carry Iranian cash, as most drivers won’t accept euros or dollars. If you wanted more help, you could simply ask locals to help you find the terminal; you'd never get disappointed.

Bus Terminals of Isfahan: The Kaveh Bus Terminal, The Safeh Bus Terminal and Jey Bus Terminal.

Bus Terminals of Shiraz: The Karandish Bus Terminal, Modares Bus Terminal & Amirkabir Bus Terminal.

Bus Terminals of Yazd: The Yazd Passenger Terminal is located on Shahrak-e Sanati street. Use this Bus Terminal to travel to 20 cities of the country. 


Intercity Bus Timetables in Iran
In big terminals and larger cities, buses usually stick to their timetable but a 15-minute delay is not out of the ordinary. The delay is usually deliberate to allow passengers running late to make their trip. Up-to-date timetables can be found on each company’s website and details of every trip can be acquired with a phone call. However, the websites are not in English and most sales representatives cannot speak English, so this may be a challenge if you don’t know anyone who speaks Farsi.

Intercity Bus Fares in Iran
Bus fares in Iran are low and very reasonably priced. In Nowruz (Iranian New Year) the prices go up a little. Bus prices are set at the beginning of every year (around March 21) and remain constant throughout the year.


Booking a Domestic Bus Ticket

You could either just go to the terminal and pick up your ticket there or have an Iranian book it online for you since the online websites for ticket-sale are in Farsi language and international credit cards are not accepted. You can also contact a local agency in Iran and have them book your ticket. In addition, you can book your bus tickets online through Rhein Travel Company.

Except during the Nowruz vacations and a few other highly trafficked occasions, you do not really need a reservation to get on one of these buses. All you need is to show up and get your ticket from the bus company’s office at the terminal.


On the Bus
Almost all buses have an entertainment system that will usually play popular Iranian movies during the journey—without English subtitles.
In addition, all buses have air-conditioning and heating systems which is controlled by the driver. With that said, cabin temperature will most probably be to your liking.
There’s no toilet in the buses but the drivers regularly stop across the route so that passengers can find public toilets, buy a snack, smoke, or just refresh. Except for very small portions of chocolates, biscuits, juice, or bottled water, no meal is served onboard. For longer trips, usually longer than five hours, the bus would stop at a refreshment area where you can buy food, or snacks.


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