Iran travel Insurance, with only €15

Iran Insurance


Iran Travel Insurance, with Only €15

Request and buy travel insurance for the duration of your stay in Iran by filling out Rhein Travel Company's form.

Things can happen when you are travelling that are out of your control, so insurance comes in handy. If you are going to spend your hard earned money to enjoy your holiday, why not spend a bit more to safeguard it? Although you may get your travel insurance for Iran, but, Iran Government requires all foreigners to have a medical Insurance which can be obtained at Imam Khomeini Airport or other airport on arrival. Also, you can take it before coming. 

Basically, there are two reasons for having a travel insurance for traveling to Iran; First, a travel insurance is required to collect your Iran visa; without having a printout of your valid insurance, you can’t collect your visa from the embassy or the visa office at the airport. Second, you don’t want the unexpected mishaps to ruin your long-awaited trip. A good travel insurance can protect you against mishaps and cover many unexpected and exorbitant costs.


Can I Use My Existing Travel Insurance?
If you already have a travel insurance, be careful because a travel insurance for your trip to Iran can be different from a travel insurance to other destinations. That is, many insurances sold outside Iran are not valid for a travel to Iran or at least some parts of Iran. The problem is that, due to the long history of political tensions and sanctions between Iran and west, many insurers do not put Iran in their destination lists. So, if you want to use your travel insurance for getting your Iran visa, make sure ‘Iran’ is clearly mentioned in their list.

There are insurance companies which use general terms like ‘Asia’ or ‘Middle East’ in their lists, but even such terms are not acceptable for the visa officer. You can ask your insurance company to send you a document with “Iran” being mentioned in the list.


Where to Buy Iran Travel Insurance?
As travel insurance is a must to enter Iran, visitors should buy the travel insurance from a reliable company, otherwise they have to buy Iran travel insurance at the airport.

You could also buy your travel insurance through Rhein travel company’s online insurance service.

Rhein Travel company is working with Saman Insurance Company, one of the most renowned and reliable Iranian Insurance companies which provides Incoming travellers to Iran with most suitable and best cost travel insurance.


How Much Does Saman Travel Insurance in Iran Cost?
The cost of Saman Iranian travel insurance relies on the age of passengers and duration of stay in Iran.




  Under 12 13-65  66-70 71-80 80-more
 0-7Days 12 15 18  20  30 
8-15Days  15  20 25 30 50
16-30Days 17  22  26  33  56 
 31-45Days  20  33  40  50  90 
46-62Days  22 37  47  60  103 
 63-92Days  25  40  54  68  130 


Saman Travel Insurance Coverage
Anything from a lost baggage to a family emergency can ruin your trip and bring your trip to an end before it even begins. When you insure your trip with Rhein Travel company, you’ll be covered for expenses including but not limited to: medical emergency expenses, emergency return home following death of a close family member or serious illnesses, loss of passport, driving license and national ID card, loss of registered luggage or expenses arising from delay of baggage delivery, legal aid in case of any legal problem, etc. 

Benefits of Saman Travel Insurance

Medical and Health Insurance

1.  The costs of receipting, admittance and hospitalization (Up to 10,000 Euro).
2.  Transfer to the closest Health Care Centers in case of an accident or disease. Providing the patient with emergency ground ambulance and air medical services. (Up to 5,500 Euro).
3.  Dentistry emergency remedy costs (Up to 200 Euro).
4.  Repatriation and Returning of corpse (In case of death of insured person during the travel) (Without limit).
5.  Travel cost for a person, next of kin, to accompany the insured person, in case of hospitalization more than 10 days (Without limit).
6.  Returning cost for the insured person, in case of severe health problem or death, if the passenger is not able to use his/her own departure flight (Without limit).
Legal and Judiciary Guidance

7.  Legal Assistance and Consultancy (Up to 250 Euro).
8.  Guidance and helping with loss of documents and ID cards (Up to 200 Euro).
Loss of Baggage

9.  The loss of baggage/suitcase (Up to 150 Euro).
Other Supports

10. Repatriation of insured person’s children, who are under 15 years old to the homeland, in case of death or hospitalization of insured person (Without limit).

Scope of Coverage: All the benefits apply throughout the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Duration of Coverage: The services specified in this contract shall continue solely in Iran for a maximum duration of 92 consecutive days.


What Is Not Covered by Saman Travel Insurance?
Saman travel insurance does not cover problems and damages caused by natural disasters, war, rebellion, professional sports activities, illegal drugs and drinks, the diseases you have had before your trip, and also extra expenses such as the vaccination, the rehabilitation supplies etc.


How to Get Iran Travel Insurance through Rhein Travel Company?

Anyone travelling to any country in the world might be concerned about possible things that can happen to them in their destination. Travelling to Iran is no exception. To remove the stress out of travelling all you need is a Travel Insurance. That’s where Rhein tourism company comes in by swinging into action and taking care of you during your trip to Iran.

1. Fill in the travel insurance application form.

2. Pay online the insurance fee with only €15.

3. Receive your insurance within two working days.

For more information and queries that you may have, please contact our online service.

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