Iran Spiritual Heritage

One of the important aspects of tourism in each country is its cultural features such as local traditions, feasts and rituals. Spiritual heritage is a combination of traditions, rituals and cultures in any country which is important because of its historical importance. However, despite Iran’s rich spiritual heritage, officials have ignored this potential in attracting tourists. 

There are plenty of annual cultural and religious festivals in Iran that offer a window into the everyday lives of the people and participating in any one of them is sure to give you a different perspective of the country. Rituals related to Norouz (The Iranian New Year), Tazieh (a traditional Persian theatrical genre inspired by historical and religious events) and Naqqali (a style of storytelling dedicated to epic stories from Ferdowsi’s masterpiece ‘Shahnameh’) have been registered on the National Spiritual Heritage List.

A passion play inspired by a historical and religious event
The intangible Naqqali art
The Iranian cultural heritage of dramatic story-telling
Marriage ceremony
Persian wedding traditions
A celebration of the possibility of new life
Muharram mourning
Commemoration of Imam Hussain's martyrdom
Yalda night
The longest night of the Persian year
Jashn-e Sadeh
The ancient Persian fire festival
Chaharshanbe Suri
Iranian fire jumping festival
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