Golestan Province

The province of Golestan is located in the north east of Iran. Its capital is Gorgan, which was called Esterabad or Astarabad until 1937. Golestan province is located on the south eastern shore of Caspian Sea. In general, Golestan has a moderate and humid climate known as "the moderate Caspian climate". The effective factors behind such a climate are: Alborz mountain range, direction of the mountains, height of the area, neighborhood to the sea, vegetation surface, local winds, altitude and weather fronts. As a result of the above factors, three different climates exist in the region: plain moderate, mountainous, and semi-arid. Gorgan valley has a semi-arid climate. Gorgan has contributed to the rich literature, poetry and science of Iran and even the world by celebrities. Gorgan and in general Golestan province has a world famous carpet and rug industry, made by Turkmans. The patterns of these carpets are derived from the ancient Persian city of Bukhara. Jajim carpets are the exclusives of this province.

Ashuradeh island in Bandar-e Torkaman
The only Iranian island in the Caspian sea
The great wall of Gorgan
One of the most elaborate defensive barriers
Golestan national park
The first Iranian national park
Ziarat village 
The recreational and tourist village of Ziarat
Gonbad-e Qābus tower
The monumental brick tower of Iran
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